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Dux Britanniarum Tablet & PDF Bundles Released for Advanced Order

PDF DuxWe are happy to announce that the next tranche of Dux Britanniarum releases are now available with the tablet and PDF bundles. What you’ll get with these bundles is either the PDF or tablet edition of the rules with a hard copy set of the Game cards.
Tablet DuxBoth editions are fully printable, but the tablet verision is fully navigable when used on a touch screen tablet such as the iPad. In addition, purchasers of these products will be able to get the low-ink printable version which is much cheaper to print but not quite as pretty.
The hard copy cards with the tablet edition or the PDF version are normally £20 but for advanced orders placed before the 30th we are doing a special price of just £18. We’ll be despatching the hard copy cards on Friday the 27th of July and the electronic files will be sent by email on Mondya the 30th.


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