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Dux Britanniarum Published

Cover RevisedWe are very pleased to announce the our wargames rules and campaign system for warfare in the Age of Arthur, Dux Britanniarum, is now fully available.
The rules may be had in hard copy with the complete card set, hard copy rules only, in PDF format or in electronic tablet format designed to be fully navigable on touch-screen tablest such as the iPad. You can also get the card set on its own in hard copy or as part of a bundle with the PDF or tablet version of the rules. So, lots of choice to allow you to get the rules and cards in a format that suits you! Here’s a full list of your options and cost:
Hard copy rules with the hard copy cards: £25 plus postage
Hard copy rules: £20 and you can download the printable pdf of the card set for free
PDF copy of the rules with hard copy cards: £18 plus postage
Tablet version of the rules with hard copy cards: £18 plus postage
PDF only of the rules (printable cards may be downloaded): £15
Tablet version only: £15
We also stock starter armies using the peerless Gripping Beast figureswhich can be found here: and here:
Overseas customers please note that if you try to order both armies together you will not get a price for postage due to excess weight. Order them individually and you’ll get a great deal with our subsidised postage costs.
For those of you who placed advanced orders, we can confirm that all of the advanced orders have now been shipped. We are currently posting all new orders within 24 hours of purchase in order to minimise your wait for the rules.


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