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Dux Britanniarum Publication Date Announced

Cover Dux.650pixWe have the card decks being printed, we’ve just got the limited edition Arthur figures back from the caster, and the rules are in their final stage of checking for the printer, so we are very pleased to announce that Dux Britanniarum will be available on Monday the 30th of July. We’re just putting together all the details for the great value bundles that we’ll be producing for our hard copy, interactive tablet and PDF versions of the rules, so watch this space for regular updates. In the meantime here’s a picture of the cover with artwork by the exceptional Coral Sealey.


9 thoughts on “Dux Britanniarum Publication Date Announced”

  1. Mervyn Douglas

    Fabulous…very much looking forward to it. For a change I will have the troops ready ahead of the rules….there really is a first time for everything! I will be after a hard copy and tablet version and will be happy to preorder when ready.

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  3. Can’t wait – been following the posts here and over at Mr Roundwood’s blog with ever increasing anticipation. Even have some figures painted and ready but I can see a need for a Dux Bellorum figure!

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