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Dux Britanniarum Hard Copy Advanced Order Great Deals

Having seen the printer’s proof’s we have pressed the button for the presses to roll and we’re on target for publication on the 30th of July. We thought now might be a good time to look at the fabtastic deals you can get by ordering in advance. Not only will you be at the head of the queue for getting your order despatched, but you’ll also get some great bonus items, especially if you are quick.
We have commissioned a limited edition run of 800 28mm Arthur figures to go with the first 800 hard copies ordered. Like all TooFatLardies limited edition figures these will never be available again so are real collectors items. In addition to this we are giving away a free printable PDF of the rules OR a navigable version designed for a touch-screen tablet such as an iPad with every hard copy sold. Let us know which you’d like when you order and we will email this to you on pulication day, the 30th of this month.
The hard copy bundle is just £25 for a 92 page rule book with full colour throughout. It includes the rules, a set of 64 cards which comprise the Game Deck and the Fate Deck. We’re even throwing in a free hard plastic card box as well so you can keep your cards neat and tidy. To top that off you get the limited edition Arthur if you’re one of the first 800 customers ordering a hard copy and any customer placing an advanced order will get his or her choice of PDF or tablet version of the rules.
Advanced Bundle ImageYou do need to card set in order to play Dux Britanniarum, that’s why we are doing the bundle for such a great price. However, we do know thta some of you like to make your own cards. If that’s you, then the Hard Copy advance order deal is as follows. One copy of the rules, a limited edition Arthur if you are one of the first 800, and either the PDF or the tablet version of the rules. Again, the latter will be emailed to you on the 30th of July when the rules are released. The Hard copy advanced order deal is just £20.
Advanced Hard Copy ImageOver the next few days we’ll be taking a look at what is in the rules, so watch this space for some greta previews of Dux Britanniarum.


4 thoughts on “Dux Britanniarum Hard Copy Advanced Order Great Deals”

  1. Does the cash get taken out of your account immediately or on despatch? Immediately I’d assume.
    I ask as I’m stoney broke until 30th July but I fancy the Arthur figure. Not a big deal as I’ll be picking them up either way.

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