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Dux Britanniarum Cards unveiled

We have just had the Dux Britanniarum cards back from the printer and they are really smart. So, we thought we’d shove a couple of pictures on Lard Island News. There are 64 cards in total, 19 comprise the Game Deck which determines the run of play. Typically a game with a starter Army will have eight cards but we have added plenty of spares to allow you to field larger forces if you wish. Here’s a look at the Game Deck with a few cards dealt out so you can see the image quality.
Cards 1_edited-1Next we have the Fate Deck which comprises 38 basic cards which are present for all games plus another six which may be added depending on the pre-game events, and we’ve added a blank card in as they always come in handy. Here’s a look at the Fate Deck.
Cards 2We should be in a position to start taking advanaced orders early next week. We always like to see the final proofs from the printer before we take orders, just to ensure that we’re happy with the quality. In the next few days I hope to have some sample page shots so you can see what is going to be our most impressive production to date.


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