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Dux Britanniarum Bases from Warbases

As people will have noticed movement bases of the sabot variety are something that Dux Brit has seen me use for the first time. For a while now I have been using the six figures 3 x 2 arrangement for the basic Groups in the rules, however they were a bit too regular for my more irregular troops types, perfect for the shieldwall, but just not “freestyle” enough for the less disciplined troops. Well, the great news is that I contacted young Martin at Warbases and asked if he could help by providing something suitable for the rules, and the good news is that he has come up trumps.
DSCN8016As you can see Martin has created a really nice six figure bases which is designed to take six 1p pieces in a formation that is regular enough so you can see they are not a bunch of drunks staggering about the battlefield, but equally they are not the seried ranks of Rome. Indeed, here’s a picture of Tarmacticus and the Picts (didn’t they have a number One in the sixties?) on said bases.
DSCN8019Not sure if Warbases have these on their web site yet, but I am sure you can drop him an email and he’ll be happy to flog them to you. I have to say that this is making me think that these would be perfect for Sharp Practice as well. Regular bases for regular troops, more chaotic stuff for Wallahs and the likes. It certainly speeds up play just shifting blocks of figured about rather than having to move thirty miniature chaps each time.
You can find warbases here


6 thoughts on “Dux Britanniarum Bases from Warbases”

  1. I suggested to young Martin that he contact you with a view to producing these specifically for Dux – and I have ordered quite a few to collect at Salute. They look really good….I think they are around £1.00 each which I reckon is a bargain!

  2. Doh! I just ordered a bunch of other stuff from Warbases…
    Anyway, I have to agree with Rich and recommend, their service is great and their products are excellent.

  3. I think he might be willing to do some as a special which is how Richard got those done & of course once he has a master & moulds made then you can have as many as you want.
    Personalty I would want these as eights because I have decided that I want to increase the basic group size to eight when I start the campaign proper & would want them in three rough lines not two.

  4. Hi guys, Martin here.
    @Mervyn, you are correct these are going to be available at the cost of £1 a tray. At this moment they are not on the website but will be going on shortly.
    @Chris Stoesen, we only have 1p trays at this moment but can do custom trays if you get in touch via our website we can arrange something to suit your specific needs.
    @Simon Gaudin, like Chris’ answer if you require 8’s then this would be possible for you. Get in touch via the website and we could arrange something for your needs.
    All the best, Martin.

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