Dux Britanniarum, An October Deal

With the Dark nights creeping in and the inclination to spend the evening sat before a warming fire, what better time could there be than to reach for a copy of Dux Britanniarum, our Dark Age rules, and summon up tales of valour and heroism as told in the halls of Arthurian Britain?  Indeed, what better incentive than a magical twenty percent off the Dux Britanniarum rules and the Raiders rules supplement throughout the month of October.  Even Merlin would be impressed!
Double DuxSo what is Dux Britanniarum all about?  The main rules focus on the British defence of their island in the face of a Germanic invasion by the Saxons, Angles and Jutes.  Choose the region of Britain over which you want to fight and enjoy the campaign system which allows you to conquer lands, amass experience, gain additional supporters and build fortifications and other enhancements to allow you to hold on the your kingdom.  Typically a campaign begins with a Saxon force of around forty five models raiding from the Sea before attempting to win land and settle.  Meanwhile the British player will attempt to keep the invaders at bay and hold on to his lands.
Dux Pages 1The Raiders supplement allows you to introduce three new factions, the Picts, the Scotti and the Irish and extend your campaigning to the northern lands above the wall and the island of Ireland to the West, both of which stood unconquered by the Romans and have very different cultures which are represented in the rules.
Raiders PreviewNormally £25.00, Dux Britanniarum bundle of the main rules and card deck are just £20.00 during October, whereas The Raiders expansion set with book and card is now £14.40 rather than the usual £18.00.  The Double Dux bundle, with both sets of books and cards is now just £32.00.  Now is the time to go forth and conquer with Dux Britanniarum.


5 thoughts on “Dux Britanniarum, An October Deal”

  1. I’ve been Wargaming since the late 1960’s when rules were £2-00 per copy.
    Now I’ve retired I have to watch what I spend.
    So before I buy rules even with a generous discount, I have to make sure they’re what I like.
    So, a description brief description of the game with a demo either u-tube or on the web.
    Mike Leese

  2. Hi Mike
    I play Dux Brit regularly and think it is an elegant tabletop system complemented by a handy, low maintenance campaign structure. The game uses small units (typically 6 – 8 figures) which have to be commanded by leaders (generally three per side) with activation and some game events determined by a card deck (which you can buy from TFL). Missile and hand to hand combat are based on points per figure and dice rolls with saving throws. troops are of three grades, elites, warrior and levy, with the Saxons having no levy although these form around 50% of the Romano British force. There are also skirmishers and missile troops fielded in small units of 4. I bought Dux Brit and saga at around the same time and read both. To date I haven’t played Saga!
    I realise that doesn’t tell you much about game mechanics, but the player notes link on this page should help you get a feel for the detail.
    And I remember £2 a pop rules too. When all is said and done, TFL does offer very good value for money compared to other rule set providers these days, and I think you will be impressed by the production values of this set. At £20 including the colour card deck, it is a veritable steal!

  3. There are quite a few reviews of the rules out there.
    There is also a lot of information about the rules (including a YouTube video) available on this blog if you click on the ‘Dux Britanniarum’ link at the top left.

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