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Dux Britananiarum Wins Award at Crisis

A fat bloke receives the award from the Tin Soldiers hit squad

Here on Lard Island we have just about recovered from our fantastic weekend of gaming in Antwerp with the Tin Soldiers at what really is the premier wargaming event on our calendar. To top off a great day on Saturday Dux Britanniarum won the award for the best participation game of the show, a great honour in view of the consistently high calibre of the games present at Crisis.
This year was a huge leap for the lads at TSA who had taken the show from the old, much loved but somewhat small venue to a stunning large dockside hangar. It was clear just how much work had gone into moving the gig to the new location, with additional lighting and heating laid on. What was nice was that the building was an old structure full of character rather than one of the new soulless exhibition centres which are increasingly appearing on the circuit. The extra space allowed both more games and more traders, making this a real wargames-fest second only to Salute in size, but topping the league when it comes to the friendly welcome the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp provide.
Dux Britanniarum in play.

Our thanks must go to all of the gamers who took part in the games during the day, without you chaps we wouldn’t have had so much fun. I must apologise to the chaps whom I promised a stack of photos. God alone knows what setting my camera was on, but all the snaps I took were soemwhat blurred (and no, it was not Delerium Tremens after Friday night on the town sampling Antwerp beers!), so thanks to Noddy for providing me with these few offerings.


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