Die Kronen Brauerei – Sorry if I’m Boring you!

I know, I know, another post about this bloody brewery. Apologies if its getting boring, but we’re nearly there.
This time we move on to the main brew house and the offices. This model was assembled as normal but with plans of a new roof, as we saw with the Malthouse. Again I used the Warbases roof tiles. I thought I should show you what they look like as quite a few emails have come in asking, so here we go. Voila:
2014-06-03 16.31.15It’s a sheet of A4 card which has been zapped with the Warbases magic laser. This sheet is scalloped, but they have a number of different designs to choose from.
Here’s a snap of them being put in place. It’s VERY easy, as you can see. This whole roof took me about half an hour.
2014-06-03 17.10.52The rest of the build was dead simple, so no need to dwell on that. Here’s some snaps of the finished building.
2014-06-05 10.05.032014-06-05 10.05.58This is the detail on the main brew house.
2014-06-05 10.05.11I bought some nice barrels from Colonel Bill at Partizan to populate the barrel store. I’m thinking about building a stillage for the barrels on the right; a bit unnecessary, but as an ex-publican I like to keep a tidy cellar.
2014-06-05 10.07.31And finally, some evil Nazi draymen off to deliver as toxic brew of Nationalism and Socialism. Eurgh! What a terrible blend!
2014-06-05 10.05.29I’m now waiting for the chimney to arrive to complete the ensemble. I was originally intending to attach the chimney to the main brewhouse, but on reflection this will make it a bugger to transport, so it will now be a separate piece.
And now the good news! I’m off to bonny Scotland tomorrow for the Deep Fried Lard II “Batter Together” Games Day, a fantastic blend of Lardy games and Scots hospitality. As a result you won’t have to look at any more posts about breweries for the next few days! Stand easy.


7 thoughts on “Die Kronen Brauerei – Sorry if I’m Boring you!”

  1. Richard, your work is alway inspiring, never boring. I’ve been learning so many tricks of the trade. We need more not less. That brewery is bloody stunning!
    Many Thanks

  2. Mervyn Douglas

    Oh thats handy – I have got some of those for a North American barn and wasnt sure how to use them! I wasnt too excited from looking at the sheet, but now I’ve seen them in place I’m quite impressed!Cheers

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