Desperado Card Deck Download

With people enjoying What a Cowboy we have been asked if we can sell you a downloadable version of the Desperado Deck. Well, we could but we never find a “print you own” set really competes with the beautiful poker deck of the hard copy deck, so we are making it available for free.

To use, cut out the cards in two columns and print on heavy duty paper. Foil the left and right hand faces together to form a playing card and either laminate of place in a card sleeve and Bob’s your uncle. Or possibly Aunty.


More Lard

Bounds Brook, 1777. A Sharp Practice 2 playtest

As part of the playtest process with any rule set we develop, one of the most interesting and enjoyable phases comes fairly late in the day, that of using history as a yardstick by which to measure what we have produced.  That may sound like it should be one of the first things we do,

Chain of Command Espana: Peninsular Army Infantry 1936

After the unsuccessful coup on July 19th 1936, the various Infantry formations found themselves either in Government or Rebel-held areas, irrespective of the political ideologies, or indeed apolitical views, of many of the soldiers within them. On either side politically ‘unreliable’ officers were being arrested and with the exception of those units activated by officers

It’s Holiday Time

Lard Island will be closed for the first time in two years as we take a break for the next week or so. We’ll be back at our desks on the 30th of July. In the meantime the web shop is still working, but I’m afraid we won’t be able to provide our usual speedy

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