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Deep Fried Lard – Saturday 13th June

Deep Fried Lard 3William Wallace once said (in a film) “Every man dies, not every man really lives” and what is certain is that you haven’t lived until you’ve eaten deep fried haggis in the Rainbow Restaurant in Musselburgh. Clarkie enjoyed it so much last year that this June he’s heading north again for a second helping. To make things even better, he’s combining this culinary festival of flavours with a day of wargaming fun at Deep Fried Lard III where a feast of wargaming fun will be on offer as we gather the clan Lard. Many of our rule sets, old, new and forthcoming, will be on offer including Chain of Command, Dux Britanniarum, Charlie Don’t Surf, General Bonaparte, Bag the Hun, Kiss Me Hardy and Red Dawn (she’s a lovely girl), as well as the usual jollity with beer and curry being on the menu in measures only considered normal north of the wall.
Deep Fried Lard III takes palce on Saturday the 13th of June at Musselburgh just outside Edinburgh, with the gaming kicking off at around 0930 and running through to 1700. For those that would like we are also continuing into the evening with the social aspect of the day, meeting for drinks in one of Scotland’s premier real ale establishments and then on for dinner at a local curry house. We do have a small number of places still available which we will be allocating on a first come, first served basis. If you’d like to attend or would like to hear more about what’s on offer then contact the Lard Entertainments Manager for Scotland, Wee Derek, whose email is Why not join us for a truly memorable day at Deep Fried Lard III?


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