Customers in Europe – Looking to the Future

It will come as no surprise to our customers to know that the UK has now left the European Union. Clearly this has real implications for any business trading with customers and, sadly, this has become increasingly difficult with real problems getting post delivered within the EU; something that is incredibly frustrating when we are in a hobby that has seen us develop real friendships with customers all over Europe and a Lardy community that knows no boundaries.

It’s easy to sit here and moan about where faults lie, but through all of this we are looking to achieve a positive outcome. Over the past months we have been looking to achieve a solution that sees our European customers able to still get our rule sets in both hard copy and PDF format as well as the tokens that you love to assist you game play.

It’s become clear that the easiest way to keep our EU friends supplied with both TooFatLardies and Reisswitz Press products is to team up with partners within the EU so that the sale of products can continue in as seamless a manner as possible. To this end, we will be stopping selling products to individual customers in the EU from today, the 31st of March 2022. In future, our hard copy rules and PDF products will be sold by our good friends at Karawansaray in the Netherlands. In the net week or so they will be launching a new web site which will allow them to offer an incredible range of Lard and Reisswitz Press products. This will include new releases such as the forthcoming Strength & Honour and we will be working very closely with them to ensure they get our new products within days of us receiving them as well as offering some of the great pre-release deals that we are rightly known for.

On the tokens front, we are working with a new partner, Tabletop Studios in Sweden, who are at the forefront of new 3D design and print technology to bring you a fabulous choice of tokens either in hard copy or in STL file format to allow you to print them at home. Tabletop Studios are currently in the process of setting up their web site and getting some fabulous new designs ready. We will give you more information and links to their official Lardy range of products in the coming few days. What we are really excited about is the great ideas that their top designer Adam has about producing a whole raft of STL files for brand new products that will be available not just in the EU but across the world. Watch this space for some exciting developments!

So, there we have it. In some ways this announcement is tinged with sadness as we have always enjoyed dealing personally with our friends in the EU and, of course, travelling to events through Europe and meeting up with our customers there; but don’t think for a minute you have seen the back of us. We will still be coming over regularly to attend events and run games. In many ways nothing will really change, you’ll just be able to buy your products with certainty that they will be delivered in a speedy and trouble free manner.


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