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Christmas Greetings from Lard Island

Christmas CardIt’s that magical time of year once again, and on Lard Island we are decking the halls and preparing for that great feast that is the highlight of our culinary calendar.  Before we hurl ourselves manfully at the groaning board of festive fare I wanted to wish all our friends everywhere around the globe a very merry Christmas and raise a glass to toast you all for making what we do for a living fun and constantly interesting.  To Lardies everywhere, your good health, wealth and happiness.  Cheers!
Rich & Nick


4 thoughts on “Christmas Greetings from Lard Island”

  1. Mark
    Yes indeed. The Tracy’s were evicted for non-payment of rent and breech of some terms of the lease regarding scorch marks around the swimming pool. I don’t know what happened to the Tracys, but we found an awful lot of empty gin bottles down by the beach. I believe they now live in a caravan near Slough.

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