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Chain of Command – The Bits in the Bundles

We have a very important announcement coming along later today about Chain of Command, but first we though we’d take a look at the bits and pieces that we will be including in some of the bundle packages.
Firstly we have the Jump-Off Points. These are central to the rules, you will need something on the table to represent these points. We made our own from a collection of models and realised just how difficult random tabletop bits ad pieces was to put together in 28mm. The great advantage that 20mm has is the vast range of plastic kits covering things like oil drums and ammo boxes, and in 15mm Peter Pig and Battlefront both have some nice suitable stuff. We decided to get four Jump-Off commissioned by Richard Ansell, one of the most talented sculptors in the hobby today. We have had them cast up in very high quality resin and vacuum cast so that the quality is absolutely first class. Of course, taking photographs of light coloured resin is problematic, so we painted them up so you can see them “au naturel” and fully clothed, so to speak. Obviously the set of four in the bundle will be unpainted.
2013-07-29 07.05.292013-07-29 11.50.04Are these suitable for 20mm and 15mm? I think NOT. Are they suitable for using with 28mm figures with other rules? Absolutely. I spent hours putting plastic 1:48 scale kits together for my ones and they cost more than these and are nowhere near as pretty. They are a good value piece of wargames terrain in their own right. You get four different markers in a pack which is ample for any one force in all of the scenarios presented.
Next we have the tokens which we use in the game. These are a very simple set of 24 tokens. Six Tactical markers, six Overwatch markers and 12 pinned or broken markers (one for Pinned, two for Broken). Troops adopting a Tactical stance, or operating on Overwatch can remain so over numerous Phases, so you will need to track what they are up to. This is a simple and discrete way of doing so. What’s more, the Overwatch marker also gives you the 90 degree arc of fire you are covering, thereby avoiding any painful arguments with that horrible obnoxious bloke at the club who really deserves a smack in the mouth. Nice!
Tokens ImageThis is just a few of the samples we have from the manufacturer and not a great photos, but to give you an idea of size the triangular Tactical marker has a base just under 4cm long.
Next we have the Chain of Command Dice. during the game you’ll need to track your tally of Chain of Command Points. When you get six you gain a Chain of Command Dice which you can use as a bit of a joker up your sleeve to influence play in a number of potential ways. We use dice to track this, with the 6 face having the Chain of Command logo on it. It’s a simple way to track this and, frankly any old D6 would do. Apart from the fact that if you use any old D6 you tend to accidentally pick it up and roll it when you use dice to fire. To avoid such confusion we have had these dice made by one of Britain’s leading dice manufacturers so that they are 23mm square – much larger than a normal dice. That saves so much in-game heartache they are a must have. The picture below shows a whole pile of dice. In our pack you will get two grey and two green. We find that covers most situations for a normal game.
Dice ImageSo, that’s what’s in the bundles. The Advanced Order bundles will have some great deals and savings, so watch out for them shortly.


11 thoughts on “Chain of Command – The Bits in the Bundles”

  1. They all look superb and much better buying as a bundle than having to try and source your own items.
    Will we be able to buy additional ‘Jump-Off Points’ Richard, as there is only enough for one side? (and they do look good)

    1. Pat, we will indeed be selling the Jump-Off Markers separately, at least in packs of four as that is a set. We’ll be doing that once the rules are published.

  2. Hey a question about delivery of the pdf version: the site says “This, the Chain of Command PDF and ‘Full Bits’ Bundle includes the PDF version of the rules, the set of 24 game tokens, and the four Chain of Command Dice.” How do you deliver the game tokens and dice?

    1. We put them in the post. So if you check you’ll see that the PDF bundles with bits have a postage charge attached to cover sending the physical items in the bundle.

  3. I’m in preferance of a “PDF-only” version to avoid the additional postage to AUSTRIA for the additional bits – possible after the official publication date next week ?

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