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Chain of Command – Selecting Forces

One of the biggest questions we have been asked about Chain of Command is if the rules come with a system which allow players to select balanced forces for their games. A point system if you will.
We have, apparently, gained a reputation for being “against” point systems, and to be honest, that is true where a point system allows a force to be fielded which bears no relation to forces which existed in reality. We will be posting an article here tomorrow which looks at why unit structures are important within our games. Ultimately the structure of our units reflects their training and they way they are intended to fight – this in itself produces some huge differences in the way that various forces fight and adds an incredible amount of colour to our games.
In the meantime, the following piece on You Tube will allow you to see just how we do allow the player a huge range of choices with the force they field.


12 thoughts on “Chain of Command – Selecting Forces”

  1. Very enjoyable Rich. Each time you present one of these articles the quality of the rules shine through. Looking forward to the release.
    I noticed you didn’t mention Japanese in your lists, is there likely to be one in the future?
    Apart from collecting 28mm Western Europe armies, I have also started building a Japanese and American platoon in 1/35 scale which I hope to use with these rules. They are up on my blog at the moment.

  2. Rich – excellent video, really good, clear and above all useful explanations.
    Pat – I’ve started work on the pdf for the Japs. Basic force composition is pretty easy – its getting under the skin of tactical doctrine that will take a little more research.

  3. Paul Ecclefield

    Great video Rich – as Pat mentions, this really whets the appetite for what is evidently a superb rule set that has immense depth, whilst still being a playable, entertaining and fun experience – cannot wait ! – atb – Paul

  4. Excellent info chaps. Just putting together stuff for British and Germans so this has been very useful. Really can’t wait to get the rules and looking forward to more updates soon.

  5. You seem to have all the bases covered with these rules, which bodes well for their successful release. Each report and video persuades me further that these will be something else indeed!
    I’ve been giving some thought to the issue of support with ‘the other set of WW2 skirmish rules’ recently, so I know it’s not an easy thing to handle, at least if you want to retain at least some form of ‘reality’ in your games.
    I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on these though, if only to bend them to my own nefarious ends… ‘Cadena de Mando’ here we come!

    1. Gordon
      We have seen Italians used extensively in playtesting, and what an interesting force they are to game with. A nice combination of firepower from the LMGs and a decent manoeuvre element with the riflemen. Their weak spot is a shortage of command ability. You need to really plan your attack and build up to it before seizing the moment and getting stuck in.
      Overall the Italians are a fun and challenging force. Mind you, each nationality really has its own character. I find them all interesting to play.

  6. Great system offering support options and there’re LOTS of them
    Too bad that some 1/56 models are hard to impossible to find these days 🙁 And if you want to use support from your lists for your basic platoon, you have to include a large vehicle/infantry units to make such a selection.
    it really don’t bother 15mm players – they have nearly every vehicle for their needs. alas, 28mm is not so widely presented

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