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Chain of Command Publication Date Announced

Thanks to everyone who has been emailing asking when Chain of Command are due for release. We are very pleased to announce that the rules will be published on the 21st of August. They will be available in hard copy, PDF format and an interactive tablet friendly version.
In addition to the rules we will be producing some game aids to accompany the game, including a set of Jump-Off markers, tokens and dice. We’ll be reviewing these as they arrive from our suppliers, so keep your eyes on Lard Island News next week when the first of these arrive.
We’ll be doing some great advanced order bundle deals as well once we have the printer’s proofs back in our hands and we know that all is looking good. That should be around the 26th of this month.


14 thoughts on “Chain of Command Publication Date Announced”

  1. “We’ll be doing some great advanced order bundle deals”
    Damn, up to now, I was only going for the PDF version, but now I cannot resist markers and dice. Consider a bundle ordered.

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