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Chain of Command Game at the Games Cube

The diplomatic bag has just arrived on Lard Island with a report in from Neil, one of our Australian Ambassadors. He and Shane visited one of their local gaming stores, The Games Cube in Parramatta, New South Wales where Shane introduced two new players through the game while Neil had a bash with a return customer. We had two games on the go, one set on the western front with US Paras taking on some German Falschirmjaeger and the second set on the Eastern front with Russians taking on a German Grenadier platoon.
IMAG0102[1]Neil tells us that the gaming group has really taken a shine to these rules, and he’s looking forward to them becoming a regular fixture on the gaming calender.
IMAG0101[1]IMAG0106[1]IMAG0108[1]The Games Cube sounds like a cracking venue for gaming and browsing a wide range of products. Neil tells us that they have a wide range of miniatures from all of the leading brands, both historical and others. The hames tables are free to use most days and they have a considerable amount of scenery which gamers can use. You can read all about them on their web site:


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