Chain of Command Game Aid Downloads

Game AidsWe’ve been so busy on Lard Island since we published Chain of Command that my ant-sized brain forgot to post a few downloadable game aids here that make your gaming preparation a bit easier.
Firstly we have the Patrol Markers. Frankly you can use anything as Patrol markers, I have resorted to using plain old ordinary dice when I left my nice pretty ones at home, but it’s nice to have the real deal. You’ll find generic Allied and German Patrol Markers on the download as well as some smaller markers which can be used as Jump-Off Points in the absence of anything prettier.
Secondly, you’ll find two Force Morale Tracker tiles which allow you to track your morale and also a place to put your Chain of Command dice. For this and the Patrol Markers I print them out on a thin card and then laminate them. I have said this before, but a cheap laminator is the wargamers best friend. I am still using the original deck of cards I made up thirteen years ago for IABSM and they are almost as good a new.
Finally, we’ve added a page of player aids which just list the Command Dice options. We find this really helps new players pick up the rules very quickly.
Anyway, without further ado, here’s the A4 size for the civilised world: Chain of Command Marker Set
And here’s Letter size for the other bits that have never heard of A4: Chain of Command Marker Set Letter


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