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Chain of Command Errata and FAQ

Cover Final
It’s probably too early to use the term “Frequently”, but we wanted to put up a very short errata for the rules, some clarifications and a list of questions which we’ve been asked thus far which we thought might help newcomers to the rules.
You can find the document here: Errata & FAQ


7 thoughts on “Chain of Command Errata and FAQ”

  1. Thanks for this… I was scouring the rule book for the ‘Ronson’ rules.
    Good to hear that more vehicles and other things are in the pipeline too. You can’t have too much CoC after all… or so I’m told.

  2. I have an M5 Halftrack as a support for a British section, list 3, what is the cost of arming it with a .50cal, do I use the cost from the US support table, list 5 making it cost 8 which is the same as a Comet with Junior leader ?
    I know I can crew it with a squad but they would only have a Bren.

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