Chain of Command Down Under

AustraliaWith the “Mother of All Battles” taking place this weekend in Sylvania, New South Wales, our very own swagman Ben Fiene will be camped by a billabong running a game of Chain of Command on Sunday from around 0900 to 1500.
Ben told Lard Island News “Our game will transport the players back to the claustrophobic hedgerows and fields of Normandy in the hot and dusty summer of 1944. Players will get the chance to command British Infantry or Parachute platoons, and German infantry or Panzergrenadiers in a variety of scenarios and with a large choice of support options.” Sounds like a great day of gaming lined up!
You can read all about MOAB here:
And Ben’s game is highlighted here:


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  1. I had the chance to play in one of the sessions run by Ben. He did a fine job on the day, great miniatures and terrain, a good solid knowledge of the rules and gave rookies like my opponent and I the chance to see how the rules played out. Well long story short we were both hooked. I own the rules Doug will buy them but importantly we will play them in our clubs, mine in the south coast of Australia, Dougs in Cincinatti USA. Thanks heaps Ben!! Keep up the good work Lardies!!

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