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Chain of Command Available As Advanced Order

Cover FinalReal excitement on Lard Island as the rules are now in the hands of the printer and we are full-steam-ahead for publication on the 21st of August. As usual, we are now taking advanced orders for the rule set bundles. We currently have three bundles available which are as follows.
The Complete Bundle: This is the hard copy rules, the set of four 28mm resign Jump-Off Points, the set of 24 Game Tokens, the set of four Chain of Command Dice and a PDF or tablet edition of the rules. This bundle would normally retail at £59 but we are doing a great Advanced Order deal for £40.
The Big Bundle is the same as the one above, but does NOT have the 28mm Jump-Off Points. So if you are gaming in 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 54mm or any other scale then this is probably the best deal for you. This normally retails for £49 but the Advanced order deal comes in at just £33.
The Rules Only Bundle. Nice and simple this one. You get the hard copy rules and either a PDF of the rules or the Tablet edition. As with all of the others, when you order just put a note in the comments box saying “PDF please” or “Tablet please” and we will send you the relevant file on the 21st of August when the rules are released.
You can take a look at the items in the bundles here:
After the 21st of August we will be selling the Jump-Off Points, the Chain of Command Dice and the Game Tokens as separate sets, but we won’t be repeating the great deals that you can get now.
To take advantage of these great Advanced Order deals head for


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