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Chain of Command Ardennes Battles

This Friday saw the Lardy team on a bit of a jolly, hitting the M1 and heading up to Birmingham for a game of Chain of Command with Tractor loving Ade Deacon and his chum Al whose Ardennes set up we had been admiring vicariously for a long time.  A couple of hours of motorway fun saw us reach the great metropolis of the midlands and Al’s home and superb wargames den.  Frankly, words failed up at the sight of his fantastic table, it was a true joy to behold.  Here are some snaps to get you in the frosty mood.
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The game planned saw Al and I as the Germans and Nick and Ade at the Americans.  This was Big Chain of Command, so we fielded a platoon each plus a selection of supports.  Here the great liberators make their plans.  “Our chief weapon is fear…”
The scenario was set as the Bulge was deflating, the Germans in full retreat towards their own borders,so the dynamic duo were on the attack.  Modesty forbids me from providing a full report.  Suffice to say that I nearly won.   Read into that what you will.  Ahem.
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At the end of the game my Force Morale was down to zero, Al’s was untouched at 10.  I had nearly broke Ade’s force, but his base of fire of two 0.30 cals had sucked the life out of my defences.  Even my destroying his M8 couldn’t save me, and the table was abandoned.  However, there could be no losers on terrain like this.  It was a fantastic day of gaming in great company.  Al and the gang from their local club will be bringing Chain of Command and this set up to Llardiff  and Warfare in Reading later this year, so keep your eyes out for it on the circuit.


10 thoughts on “Chain of Command Ardennes Battles”

  1. Stunning scenery
    It looks more like a diorama or a first rate model railway layout.
    I remember the napoleonic room at the club. 18 feet x 6 feet 8 inches, the width was actually 2 metres the length was 3, 6 feet pieces.
    It was a real squeeze to get up to a dozen gamers into the room but the scenics weren’t up to the grand table size.
    Died sawdust about an inch thick. Houses were Airfix cottages plus some odd railway sheds .
    Roads were just scraped into the sawdust.
    Fun gaming though. That was around 1970.

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