Chain of Command Abyssinia: British Empire Askaris

The British empire, and the very nature of the conflict in The Abyssinian Crisis, brought forth troops acclimated and best able to handle the conditions in Ethiopia. This involved the Askari forces of the empire, be they from British Somaliland, nearby Kenya or further afield in the Southern Sudan or beyond.
These diverse troops create an interesting array of forces for the British Chain of Command:Abyssinia player to choose from. The two main British Askari forces in The Abyssinian Crisis are the King’s African Rifles in Kenya and the Somali Camel Corps in British Somaliland. Both bordering colonies to Italian Somaliland and Southern Ethiopia.

This list can be used to depict King’s African Rifles and the Somali Camel Corps platoons in their various forms as well as any other ‘Askari’ formations (i.e. forces raised from the indigenous population, rather than Europeans) that players wish to use.

The Chain of Command:Abyssinia list for these troops may be found here:  British Askari
British Askari

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