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Lard TV Launches

Excitement abounds in Lard Island Broadcasting House as the lights are lit, the cameras rolling and the make up artists working overtime as Lard TV

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A Salute Double Act

Well, the big day has been and gone and I have just about recovered sufficiently to post my report.  It was, of course, a big

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Tussle in Trumpboro

Over the past few months we have been busy playtesting the forthcoming campaign handbook for Sharp Practice.  It’s been great fun and has generated some

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Lard at Crisis

The adventure begins now as we start to pack up in anticipation of our trip across the Channel next week and this Crisis will be

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Just My Imagi-Nation…

Running away with me?  Quite possibly so, as you will discover. But first, the good news.  My core Freikorps Army is complete.  A small window

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