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British 1940 Army List for Chain of Command

Britain 1940
With a long-standing objection to mass conscription, Britain entered the war in 1939 almost as woefully prepared in terms of manpower as she had been in 1914. Yet, unlike in 1914, the British in 1939 understood what was needed to fight a European War and had gone a long way to creating a modern motorised force.
As if intentionally mirroring the strategic reality, the British Army’s platoons were small but well-equipped. Having been at the forefront of developing modern infantry tactics between 1916 and 1918, the British placed much emphasis on fire and movement and initiative at the lowest command levels. They will need to embrace this approach and combine it with a well-considered selection of support options to blunt the German advance. You can download the British Army list here: British 1940 Army List


13 thoughts on “British 1940 Army List for Chain of Command”

  1. Carrier should be Bren carrier (as very few universals in France in 1940). Alternative is Scout carrier from a divisional cavalry regiment usually with Boys and Bren. In the case of the Bren carrier total crew was 3 I think.

  2. Greetings
    Armament of the Mk VIA and B was as for the Guy ie a main 0.5″ Vickers and a 0.303 Vickers co-ax.l. The VIC had a 15mm Besa and a 7.92mm Besa. The 15mm was more powerful than the 0.5″ but I don’t know by how much.

  3. There was a shortage of Besas, so I understand limiting the Mk. VIc… but as Edward says, the A & B were fully kitted out with Vickers HMG and co-ax MG.
    The AT Rifles in the infantry platoons had no dedicated crew, so you would really need to weaken one or two of the sections to provide the men for them. A true command choice!
    Other than that, thanks very much for this!

  4. Greetings
    Did the A13 Mk II i.e. the Cruiser IV go missing? Quite a few of these – in effect up armoured A13 Mk I – served with 1st Armoured Division. In fact there may have been more than there were A13 Mk I.

  5. Not sure about the unmanned ATR. The TOEs i have seen give the HQ section of the platoon 2 men/runners, with one with ATR and one the motar, then the two others act as crew for those. So it would seem the weapon was crewed from the HQ platoon!

  6. Putting the ATR in one of your sections wouldn’t weaken it any as you still get 1H.E dice for it only now it counts as close range all the time and reduces cover by one level. Use it as a sort of sniper.

  7. There seems to be something corrupted in this pdf. I can open it, but I cannot save it, and reopen it. When I try to print it off, its being truncated at the bottom. Maybe is not allowing for dynamic resizing? The other PDFs seem to be working fine, France, Grermany, Finland, Russia, etc.

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