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Chain of Command Errata & FAQ

Since Chain of Command was released we have been monitoring the questions being asked and also looking for areas where the rules could be improved, either by clarification or by addition.  The net result has been the Chain of Command Errata & FAQ document which we have attempted to make as comprehensive as possible.

After we produced a similar document for Sharp Practice we had a lot of people suggesting that we could have trimmed the document down by leaving out the questions which they felt were adequately covered in the rule book already.  However, we know from experience that we all read or consume rules in slightly different ways,  One form of wording may be obvious to one person but totally confusing to another.  As a result we have attempted to retain ALL of the questions, albeit some have been slightly reworded or combined with other questions where overlap resulted in repetition.

As for the Errata, actually the bulk of this was a case of correcting a few typos in the original print run which will not have affected anyone buying subsequent editions.  We have still kept these in.  In some areas what we have done is used the errata to add rules where none existed perviously.  One such are is the use of grenades.  We felt that grenades being used in a game were already limited by the number of Command Initiative required to throw them.  However, we had numerous requests asking for a limit to be set so that it was totally clear how many were available.  We have included all that new information in the errata as this is where we have listed things which do need changing or adding to the main rule book.

What we have not covered are areas of debate or discussion where a gamer has, for example, disagreed with the number of firing dice a weapon has.  These questions are perfectly fair and reasonable and any decision as to how many dice a weapon fires with is, of course, a matter for debate and discussion.  However, that debate does not affect a player seeking to learn or understand the rules, so we have omitted these. We have also not covered any supplements as we wanted to focus here on the main rule set/

We hope that the following Errata and FAQ will prove to be helpful and even interesting.  You can download it HERE: CoC Errata FAQ


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  1. Tom Ballou says:

    Excellent, this is a great clarification. Nice to have the official word from the horse’s mouth.

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