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Sharp Practice Errata and FAQ

After a great weekend playing Sharp Practice at Salute (more on that later) I was inspired and, to be honest, beaten around the head by my ever diligent assistant, Monty to put together the Errata and FAQ for Sharp Practice which he had been slaving over for some weeks.


Fortunately, the errata section is tiny,  just a few lines, but over the year since we published Sharp Practice we have had quite a few questions asked and we have attempted to roll them all up into one document.  Hopefully we haven’t missed any out.

If you’d like to a copy them all you need to do is download the PDF by clicking here:  SP2 FAQ


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3 Responses

  1. Tom Ballou says:

    Is the current PDF updated with the errata?

  2. Andrew Purves says:

    French foot Dragoons in Spain are they line troops or skirmishers troops what is the thinking out there yours Andrew

  3. Dave says:

    Interested on your thoughts about the Afghan theater?

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