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The Vistula Legion for Sharp Practice

The Polish troops of the Vistula Legion fought with the French but with hopes for the independence of Poland.  They were enthusiastic and well disciplined troops who were recognised by Napoleon as one of, if not the, best foreign contingents to fight under French command.

You can find a full list for the Vistula Legion, as prepared by old mate of Lard Ben Fiene, here:  Vistula Legion

Our thanks to Ben in Australia for sending us this great list.  Don’t forget, you can select Vistula Legion troops as supports for any French force.  They are especially good when hunting guerrillas in Spain!

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2 Responses

  1. Rafael says:

    Hi Rich.

    I’m sorry to write it but the points value doesn’t make any sense.

    If you don’t mind I’m going to run the Sharpulator and post the results here.

  2. Mike P says:

    Rafael, I noticed the same thing and posted a question about this list on the Forum (under Core List/Sharpulator Contradictions) and he has already run the points… you can find them here:

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