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A Company Prepare to Deploy

Chichester ClarionIt’s now public knowledge that the West Sussex Regiment are off to Helmand Province where their six month tour of duty will see them deployed to the Dastarkhan region where they will be assisting the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in protecting the local population and disrupting Taliban activity in this poppy growing region.  The challenges which lie ahead will be covered by Lard Island News as we fight out their actions with the campaign module in Fighting Season.

As part of our preparation we have rolled a few dice to give us a look at the operational area which we can see here.

Campaign Overview

Their base will be at FOB Cawnpore, only recently established by the Loamshire Regiment Battlegroup which is about to be rotated out of theatre.  The main local population centre, Bore Pallaw, is currently in Taliban hands and A Company will be looking to push out and extend the rule of the legal government throughout the area.

We’ve also taken the opportunity to roll up A Company’s characters.  Commanding the force is Major Zac Burton-Taylor, himself a Sussex man born and who joined the Regiment after education at Winchester and Sandhurst.  Captain Andy Watson is his second in command, originally from Bath where he attended Grammar School before going to Sandhurst.  Sergeant Major Vic Rogers from Salisbury works closely with them to command the Comapny.

Lieutenant Ian Jeffries from Leeds commands 1 Platoon.  Rupert Masters from Weston-Super-Mare 2 Platoon and Mike King 3 platoon.  Mike, from Slough, is by far the most experienced platoon commander having recently beeen commissioned as a Late Entry officer and having served for ten years in the ranks but he has only just transferred to the West Sussex from the Royal Anglians.  Finally, Sergeant Ken “Bunch” Brady from Worthing commands the Fire Support Group

The West Sussex Regiment has a reputation for not being the most prestigious units in the Army but being a hard fighting unit with battle honours in India, The Peninsular, Waterloo, the Crimea, both World Wars and Korea.  Bore Palaw will certainly give them the chance to enhance their reputation.




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10 Responses

  1. James Manto says:

    Looking forward to following this!!

  2. Tom Ballou says:

    Me too!

  3. I’ll ease into the leather armchair and enjoy what’s coming. Looks very special, Rich! And great to see Ken “Brady” Bunch back in action – it’s not be the same regiment without him!

  4. Gary says:

    Where in AF is this “Province” ? Is part of the country? The fighting and techniques change from one end to the other because of the altitude and chance of bad weather.

  5. Greg says:

    Cannot wait to see how the campaign goes. Any info on when the rules will be released?

  6. Greg says:

    Look forward to following this campaign. So any word on when the rules will be released?

  7. Big Rich says:

    Not long to go now!

  8. Big Rich says:

    It is essentially part of Helmand for this campaign. You decide where you campaign will be set and that dice for the overall terrain on the relevant table. That provides your operational environment.

  9. Mike Leese says:

    Have you got a game a Donnington this weekend. I’m trying to decide on scale 15mm. 20mm. or 28mm.
    As action can start as a policeing action patrol and develop rapidly to an all arms battle I’m wondering what is available in miniatures.

  10. Alex says:

    This looks so interesting! What’s the future of Fighting Season? I’m ready to shower you with cash like you’re a Las Vegas dancer when this is released!

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