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The Jug Seller is in Business

So, a quick paint job and Achmed the Jug Seller is in business. This stuff is a bit boring so I didn’t bother with a step by step photo record, suffice to say that I gave the whole thing a pinkish undercoat and then worked up from there with a mixture of household emulsion paints including stone grey which I mixed with some brown acrylic to provide the base, then blended in some sand yellow and dry brushed up with stone grey and then finally stone grey mixed with white to get some highlights.


The base was then covered in PVA and sand added. Once that was done I painted that a mix of brown and stone grey before dry brushing it with sand and then more stone grey and fionally stone grey and white. I left the ground a little darker than the walls.




Finally it was a simple job to make the doors. These are a base of artists mounting board cut to size and then cereal packet stuck on top with PVA glue. I then painted this with a brown acrylic and, once dry, I dry brushed with the ubiquitous stone grey. Job done.





All in all a very simple conversion project based on the Renedra model, but one which I think will add a lot to my small village. I was going to add a vegetable garden inside the compound, but I have decided to make a drop in garden piece for this as the compound is flexible as it stands and can be used for many purposes. I have yetto paint the rather nice jugs and pots that came with the kit, but Achmed already has a few with him.

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2 Responses

  1. Ludger Fischer says:

    Quite impressive –

    I can see why he offers his customers the shade of the canvas – but would it stay that Grey in the direct sun without bleaching.

    Or a faded symbol from whatever army’s supplies he nicked it?


  2. Nick Bellamy says:

    Was the title “Jug Seller” inspired by the young lady appearing on the top right hand side of the first photo?

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