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Chain of Command at GothCon XXXVIII

GothConSince 1977 Gothcon has been Sweden’s biggest and brightest gaming Convention and GothCon XXXVIII is expecting to see record numbers of gamers from all over Scandinavia pass through its doors this Easter weekend. Once again GothCon is being held at its traditional venue of the Hvitfeldtska High School in Gothenburg, but this year, for the first time,it will be welcoming a team of Lard Ambassadors who will be running games of Chain of Command throughout the day on Saturday on table V306.

For Swedish speaking visitors you can read all about the game here: http://www.gothcon.se/xxxviii/arrangemang/figurspel/chain-command

Scandinavian Lard Ambassadors Leif Eriksson and Thomas Nissvik tell me that they hope to liberate Europe from fascist oppression. Well done lads, good to set your sight high!

So, why not join the dynamic duo for some Scandinavian Chain of Command this Easter Saturday at GothCon! Look out for the Lardy Ambassadorial banner and jump on board for a game.

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  1. Laffe says:

    We are in room V306 Friday evening and the whole Saturday. Stop by if you are in the vicinity.

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