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Lock Up Your Sideboard – The Raiders are Coming!

In fact Lard Island is already awash with Picts, Scotti and Irish raiding and nicking everything in sight. Fortunately they are only 28mm tall and we’re not having to nail down the furniture! Furniture? Yes, apparently so. I was reading an excellent book on the warfare of these warlike peoples and it quoted Gildas as complaining that the raiders were so hungry for loot that in a raid on his monastery they not only took his servants as slaves, but they also took the furniture from their dwelling! The ultimate Dark Age trip to Ikea possibly?

Anyway, we’ll be doing some previews of The Raiders supplement pretty soon, we’re just sending off the artwork for the card decks and getting the supplement formatted. For us the artwork has been key here. Part of the joy of the project has been the opportunity to research a period shrouded in mystery and, we hope, shed some light on those times. So, as a bit of a low-res sneak preview to get you in the mood for whipping out your coracle and heading off in search of a new coffee table here’s a look at the two main maps which will be part of the supplement.
Raiders Preview

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5 Responses

  1. Juan Mancheño says:

    A fantastic adition, fantastic. We now need to have more figures from “Musketeer Miniatures”!

  2. WillieB says:

    Oh yes! Those look brilliant even in low-res.
    Bill doing a new Pictish range would be the icing on the cake.

  3. Dalauppror says:

    Looking realy good !

    A wanted addition for Dux britanniarum.

    Best regards Michael

  4. Peter says:

    Can’t wait! The shiny TFL goodness keeps on coming.

  5. Munsterfan8 says:

    Been eagerly awaiting these since Sir Sidney of Roundwood’s excellent, atmospheric blog post ‘Like grasping at smoke’ (go and read it now to whet your appetite!). In case you need any more inspiration, get a copy of Patrick McCormack’s superb ‘The Last Companion’ (and while you are at it get ‘the White Phantom’ and ‘The Lame Dancer’ as well) – the first two can be got from Amazon but the last is only available as a free PDF download. All three are brimming over with ideas for Dux B, and are damn fine reads into the bargain. The Last Companion sets the last of Arthur’s warriors against a group of Scotti raiders, with some nasty ‘painted men’ lurking in the background!

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