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Shapeways – First attempts with a brush

Sergeant Oiskworth was a fine observer and a dab hand with the Lewis gun but, Algy mused sadly, certainly no gentleman!

With Algy high on our priority list at present I have been busy painting some Shapeways planes ready to take to the skies tomorrow for a playtest game with Fat Nick. I did post a few comments about Shapeways on the Lardy Yahoo Group the other day, saying how pleased I was with the models but also that the material used in the 3D printing process was quite unusual in the way it took paint. Well, now the planes have their decals I thought I’d post a few snaps so you could see the end result.

FE2bs fly back the other way

Algernon and his flight of FE2bs.

The FE2bs will feature in tomorrow’s game along side a couple of BE2s acting as “Fokker Fodder”.

And of course we have some Fokkers on hand to wreak havoc in the Shape of Hauptmann Jurgen Hatta and his Eindeckers. These are WoW planes with some minor repainting and weathering.

With all of these planes I have used Dom’s Decals 144th WWI range and VERY nice they are too. I will add some squadron detail to the RFC planes once I have organised my Squadron for a campaign using Squadron Forward by Joe Legan. Looking forward to our game now.

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  1. Kev says:

    Very nice indeed Rich. Now you’re making me think I need to do some weathering on my collection.

    FE2b’s should prove interesting. Under the old Algy they were quite tough. Hexless Algy ones are much more brittle.

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