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Dux Britanniarum Card Set Download

In order to play Dux Britanniarum you will need both the Game Deck and the Fate Deck. We know that some of you like to make your own cards for use with the game so we have produced an easy to make downloadable set with full instructions. All you need to do is cut the cards and fold them over to get a perfectly matching front and rear. We reccomend laminating the cards or using them in card sleves.

Click here to download Dux Britanniarum Card Set

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3 Responses

  1. Paul Baldwin says:

    Nice to have a sneak at the cards, so is it tomorrow you make the post mans day?

  2. Dalauppror says:

    Very nice cards !

    Looking forward to the real stuf:)

    Best regards Michael

  3. Simon Gaudin says:

    I was going to Bug you about this as whilst the hard copy cards are wonderful I want my characters names on the game deck cards & I rather being the rather megalomaniac gamer I am to have more big men & other stuff than the standard play set allows.


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