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Category: Terrible Sharp Sword


Terrible Sharp Sword Released

  Well, after lots of game report, lots of reading, research, frantic figure painting and darned good fun, Terrible Sharp Sword is now available.  It wasn’t long after the publication of Sharp Practice that we began to get people asking...


Everybody wants Angel Delight!

“Try again, there must be a response”  Captain Sylas Rhodes was worried.  If the lines were down between Middletown and Strasburg that could, surely, mean that Yankee cavalry were abroad.  The telegraph operator tapped out his message again, but still...


To Catch a Spy

“Psssst” Nate Bouldermeir looked around, but for the life of him he could not see any other person as he made his way from the George Washington Hotel back towards his company’s encampment on the south side of Winchester. “Psssst. ...