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Blinds for I Ain’t Been Shot Mum, and more

BlindsIt’s a busy week, nay a hectic week, on Lard Island.  We are getting ready for our inaugural game at Crisis this coming weekend, all the figures and vehicles are now ready, the buildings and terrain features are drying out rady for the photo shoot tomorrow night.  In addition to that I have been working on a few bits and pieces for the rules, just a few freebies that people might find helpful.
Firstly we have the shiny new Blinds for you to download.  At present these are only available in the classic IABSM blue and green.  As we produce the Handbooks we’ll be making more of these for you to download with all sorts of different nationalities represented.  For now, her’s the basic sets.  You can have then in Letter size for North America or A4 for the rest of the world.
Blinds IABSM A4  These are the A4 ones
Blinds IABSM Letter  And here’s the Letter size ones for North America
These should come out at 6.25″ by 4″ without any need to scale your printer.
Secondly I have completed the Low Ink Printer friendly version of the rules.  One of the disadvantages of going full colour is that it can be expensive to print them out, so we have sorted out a Low Fat edition which will me much kinder to your pocket.  If you have bought the PDF edition of the rules and would like this just drop us an email viw the web site.  We’ll send it back in short order.
Keep your eyes firmly on this site as we’ll have more news very soon about more helpful items such as the playsheet which will be available.


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