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Beam Me Up Scotti!

Scotti 2As part of the development of Dux Britanniarum I have been wanting to get a force of raiders, essentially these can be Picts, Scotti or Irish who in the campaign system are only there for the craic and the loot (actually the Irish get a bit more involved on the west coast, but I am generalising). With getting the IABSM Handbooks taking up literally every waking moment (more generalising!) I just don’t have the time to paint up everything I’d like, so on the advice of a chum I contacted Matt Slade of Glenbrook games whose brushwork has always impressed me. His brief was to paint the first tranche of a raider force, really the core elements as I have yet to finalise the exact army list for these chaps. The results were truly superb. Matt had this little lot back to me in about a week and I am over the moon with what is now Tarmacticus and his retinue. Take a look here.
Scotti 1Scotti 3Scotti 4Scotti 5Scotti 6
We’ll have some great news in the next few days about starter armies for Dux Britanniarum and Matt will be working with us to provide a great painting service for these that comes with the Lard Seal of Approval, watch this space for news on that. In the meantime you can drop Matt an email at to chat to him about any painting needs you have.


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