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Bavarian Army Lists for Sharp Practice

The Bavarians have always been a favourite of mine, ever since I began gaming the Franco-Prussian War and they gave a very different forces to the bog-standard Prussians.  Indeed, it seems that the Bavarians can generally be relied upon for variety; with their Napoleonic forces being ready to fight for or against most of Europe’s armies.
Fighting against the French in 1800, they fought the Austrians in 1805 and remained as an ally in 1812.  In 1813 they turned on their French friends to consolidate the gains they had made thanks to Napoleon.  The campaign in the Tyrol from 1809 is also perfect for small actions against irregulars, with much to compare with the guerilla warfare in the Peninsular.
The list we have here provides three forces which could be used, but allows lots of choice for the gamer to create their own lists.  The Bavarian Army lists can be found here: Bavaria 1800-1815


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