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“At Home” with a Lardy – Historicon 2011

InvitationAs Historicon looms large on the horizon we thought it would be a great idea to organise a bit of a get together for fellow Lardies on the other side of the pond.  One of the great pleasures of doing shows in the UK has been the opportunity to meet and chat with fellow wargamers and put faces to names of friends that we have known for many years now, and my hope is that Historicon will offer the same opportunity.  To make things easier we thought that it would be great to organise an informal get-together, and Bar Blue at the Scanticon Hotel provides the ideal location to do just that.  So, here’s your personal invite, I hope to see you there.
Of course I will be doing other things at Historicon.  With the help of a couple of good friends I have two games set up and a presentation at the War Academy.  On Friday at 13.00 I am umpiring the Third Battle of St. Albans, a Very British Civil War game set in 1938 and using Through the Mud and the Blood rules ably assisted by Bob Beattie who is very kindly supplying his figures and terrain.  On Saturday at 14.00 we will be playing Lard Across the Berezina using our I Ain’t Been Shot Mum rules and featuring just some of the ideas that will be in IABSM III.  My thanks must go to my old pal Tom Ballou who is bringing his figures and some beautiful hand-made terrain that I have been loking forward to playing on for years.
Saturday morning will see me address the War College.  I have to say that I am very excited about the whole College concept.  It’s something that I think UK shows could benefit from, I know that I am really looking forward to spending some time there during my visit.  My own presentation is entitled Friction or Fiction and will look at the impact of theorists such as Jomini and Clausewitz on wargaming, the impact of friction on real warfare and whether we should bother with it in our games.  That will be at 11.00am on Saturday morning at Scanticon GS-2.  I hope to see you there, whether you are a confirmed Lardy or not, it should be an interesting session with me talking for half an hour or so and then the chance to have a Q&A/discussion session.
See you there!


4 thoughts on ““At Home” with a Lardy – Historicon 2011”

  1. Rich,
    Very sorry to be missing you! What with one thing and another, I decided some time ago that I wouldn’t be making Historicon this year, but I didn’t know I’d be passing up the chance of having a pint with you at the time. Bugger. 🙁

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