A Very Big Thank You From Lard Island

It is very easy to be cynical about the value of on-line polls, but I can assure everyone that we are very flattered to see Charlie Don’t Surf win the TMP Award for the best set of historical rules for 2010. This great result maintains our fantastic track record, winning first place with Sharp Practice in the inaugural awards in 2008 and then coming second with Through the Mud and the Blood in 2009. Thanks very much to all of you from Lard Island.
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5 thoughts on “A Very Big Thank You From Lard Island”

  1. This was a no-brainer to me. I have only recently been introduced to the Lardy games. I finally decided to game the Vietnam War, and I shopped around over a dozen rules sets. Few offered a taste of the challenges leaders on both sides faced as they deployed and committed their forces. CDS stood head and shoulders over the competition.
    Now to paint all those minis…

  2. Not a period I am all that interested in, but I have a copy & I voted for it I feel its a well deserved its a well deserved winner.
    The Feel for the period boiled down into simple straightforward mechanics that seem to effortlessly produce the results an action would in the real war.

  3. Mud and Blood came in second? this makes me wonder… what boob hit the wrong button and voted for the other game???? by the way, there was another game??? learn something new every day.
    seriously though, you write great rules and deserve all the accolades that you have earned, and you never need to thank for something you have earned. keep writing great rules and we will keep on buying and praising them. at least I will.

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