A Small Diversion

After all of the hard work getting my Yanks ready for action, i thought we’d have a bit of a fun game with week at the club, just getting to know their strengths and weaknesses. As a result the scenario was a bit tongue-in-cheek, with both sides having their own objectives which weren’t mutually exclusive.
For the US players, BA, Noddy and Doctor Daz, a small of two platoons backed up by a reduced platoon of three M4 Shermans was tasked with rescuing some comrades who had been incarcerated in the local Gestapo HQ and, according to the local FFI, were being treated in a beastly manner by their evil captors. Their task was to rescue their comrades from the hands of their terrible tormentors.
On the German side Elton and The Traitor McKipper (hot from the campaign trail) were tasked with defending the chateau until a unit of Feld Gendarmerie could arrive to remove highly confidential papers. After that they could withdraw. Just one platoon was available, but they also had a Pak 40, a Marder III and an SdKfz 222 to assist them. Here The Traitor is seen expounding his plan. Elton looks on admiringly as Noddy, right, seems to have heard it all before.
11And here’s how the Patrol Phase ended.
2014-09-09 20.06.562014-09-09 20.18.18Above and below, the Yanks advance.
2014-09-09 20.18.322014-09-09 20.23.182014-09-09 20.40.55The 60mm mortar deploys to bring down fire on the Jerries on the Chateau roof.
2014-09-09 20.41.15A jeep discovers that the road is blocked.
2014-09-09 20.41.39The Germans deploy to defend the crossroads.
2014-09-09 20.41.50Fiddling on the roof.
2014-09-09 20.42.53“Marching fire!” The words of General Patton ringing in their ears, the Yanks advance whilst bringing down fire on their evil foes.
2014-09-09 20.54.452014-09-09 21.11.552014-09-09 21.22.59The tanks are here! BA’s armour puts down terrible fire into the chateau…
2014-09-09 21.28.14
…and Noddy’s boys rush forward, the prisoners in the cellars can be heard calling to their rescuers…
2014-09-09 22.05.15…and then…
Collapse finalIn his enthusiasm BA was shelling the chateau with three Shermans lined up. The German defenders rushed down from the roof when the building became unstable but were still on the first floor when the whole structure collapsed, killing them and the US prisoners in the cellar. At that very moment the Feld Gendarmerie drew up in their truck, only to see the precious papers buried under tons of rubble. In one moment both sides lost the game, their victory conditions unachievable. How we laughed.
What was amusing was that both sides pretty much ignore their briefing and we looking to get a “win” in the traditional sense. The Germans were, obviously, on a hiding to nothing with far fewer troops and supports (and persistent calls of “it’s no fair” from The Traitor would have brought a tear to a glass eye), but then they didn’t need to try to defeat the Yanks; just hold them up for most of the game! Meanwhile the US players seemed to have forgotten that their mates were in the chateau and were shelling it for all they were worth.
As it was, honours were even and a fun game was had by all. We certainly learnt that the Yanks are an aggressive force with their marching fire option, and the Garand re-rolling any 1’s is a significant advantage in a firefight. The 60mm mortar may not have smoke but it packs a bigger punch than the British 2″ mortar and is, I reckon, a great support option when you’re up against the very “shooty” Jerries. Personally I believe that deploying scouts and then shelling any opposition discovered with the mortars is the best way to go with these boys. Now we’re looking forward to the 29th to start campaigning on the road to Carentan.


7 thoughts on “A Small Diversion”

  1. So typical topic in many games!!
    Nobody remembers the victory conditions and heat up when the enemy emerges!!!
    “Kill those bastards” flashing in your mind
    Great game and great photos too

  2. A few years ago we were playing a modern game, the enemy had captured an intelligence officer with valuable knowledge. During the battle one of our helicopters was shot down, we worked out where the helicopter impacted. Right on the vehicle carrying the officer, killing all aboard. We declared victory. After all, the officer wasn’t going to be talking. The enemy said we were supposed to rescue the officer, being American forces. We countered with Realpolitik.
    The Ref/GM admitted he’d been a little unclear on the matter, as he hadn’t considered killing the officer as a possible route to victory.

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