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A Scuffle in the Rain – Sharp Practice Scenario

As Australia can no longer compete on the cricket pitch, it is good to see that Her Maj’s upside-down subjects are turning their minds to weightier and more stimulating matters; writing scenarios for Sharp Practice.
Ben Fiene of New South Wales sent us “A Scuffle in the Rain” which is quite different to some of the more flambouyant advantures that we have seen the rules used for.  Here Ben has taken the historical route, and also introduced a figures to man ratio of around 1:12, with each Group representing a Company on the table.
Interestingly, when writing Sharp Practice this was our starting point.  Before adding on all the chrome and derring-do, we sought to produce a set of rules that worked from the point of historical plausibility, so it is good to see that Ben is using them in this way.  Hopefully his efforts will inspire others to do the same.  One hundred figure battalions anyone?
To enjoy Ben’s scenario just click on: A Scuffle in the Rain


3 thoughts on “A Scuffle in the Rain – Sharp Practice Scenario”

  1. Thanks to you both for writing and posting this one, it”s nice to see a scenario with a very manageable force size and some different troop type. Very colorful briefings too.

  2. Bruce D. Henderson

    Great presentation with good writing – a rarity in wargaming circles! Good, manageable scenario for any horse and musket era. Thank-you for sharing your work.

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