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A Salute Double Act

Well, the big day has been and gone and I have just about recovered sufficiently to post my report.  It was, of course, a big day for us, with TooFatLardies and Reisswitz Press represented, with Dave Brown running a very impressive Dresden game of General d’Armee on the day that we began taking advanced orders for the rules.  Meanwhile Clarkie was also in Napoleonic mode with a Sharp Practice game set in the Peninsular in 1809.
Let’s take a look at some of the snaps of the day.  First General d’Armee and Dave’s magnificently grand Dresden table.

Some games are just crying out to be photographed and this was certainly one such game.  We asked Dave how his game went.  “Great.  What was most satisfying was to take a brand new set of rules and see players pick them up within the first turn or so.  The command system was a big hit with people really enjoying the way the system of ADCs allowed them to influence the game.”
Certainly Dave’s table looked busy all day and with as many people watching as playing. Dave said “There was a lot of interest in the new rules and lots of people had questions to ask.  The best way to answer them was to give them a Brigade to command and let them get on with it.  Great fun.”
If you’d like to see Dave’s Dresden game, the we’ll be at Partizan on the 21st of May where we will also be releasing General d’Armee.  Come and see us there, or if you’d like to place an order for the great value the Advanced Order bundles then you can d so here:  General d’Armee Advanced Order
But what of Big Rich who was located across the hall running a much smaller game, as the Light Company of the West Sussex Regiment were tasked with meeting the man from de Monte to collect a message for the Duke of Welllington.  Could they find the spy or would the French stop them?  As usual the crowds flocked to find out.  Here’s some snaps.

We asked Rich how his day had gone.  “Brilliant.  I didn’t spend a penny on anything!  My entire shopping list remained in my pocket.  I saved a fortune by running three games back to back.  At the end of that I was too shattered to shop.  In some ways it was the best Salute ever.  It was really great to have people from all over the world come and find me to say thanks for the fun they were having with the rules.  I was really moved by that.  We also had three cracking games and that is always the fun part.  My only disappointment was that I didn’t get to see the Pickett’s Charge game that was being played.  I’d planned to drop by and say hi, but after seven hours on that concrete floor I could barely walk.  Apologies to the Gatehouse Wargamers who I hear did a fantastic job”Richard won’t be running a game at Partizan but you can catch up with him there in his Reisswitz Press hat as he assists with the launch of General d’Armee.  However, you can get hold of Sharp Practice here:  Sharp Practice


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