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A Quick Look at the New Look of IABSM

IABSM Preview
Not surprisinglly we’ve been talking a lot about the new edition of I Ain’t Been Shot Mum rather a lot recently on the Lardy Group.  We are in the final stages of prepping these for the printer which means proof reading and adding all of the images.
We thought that you might like to see some examples of the new pages, just to get some idea of the overall look of the new rules.  We hope you’ll agree that they a re quite a contrast to the old set ten years ago!
At present the rules are being produced in incredibly high-resolution in order to be print-ready.  That means that each page is several Meg in size, so to show you a number of these in full detail would crash the server, so these are really quite blurry as the images have been compressed to be a practical size for displaying here.  They should, however, let you get a feel for the look.
What we do once the printer has his high definition version which will be several hundred megabytes is go through the entire document again and adjust the size and definition of each individual image to make it compatible with a tablet or i-Pad.  That’s the version we’ll be selling for those bits of kit with lots of internal links added to help you navigate the document.  We then do the same again for the pdf version to get the best resolution for home printing whilst keeping the download size manageable for home internet speeds.  As you can guess, there is never a dull moment!


8 thoughts on “A Quick Look at the New Look of IABSM”

  1. Wow! Lokks “Flames of War” quality 🙂
    No, seriously, the printing looks superior-quality (and I won’t comment about the content because I have zero doubts about the quality). The speed of your conversion to the digital world (“compatible with a tablet or i-Pad” , “internal links added to help you navigate the document”) amazes me… will you be setting a new standard in the hobby?

  2. Looks very good indeed & if its properly proof read and spell checked as Benito says it will look as good as the best of the best.
    You are really on to a roll here I would have been happy if it looked as good as CDS but this is much more even than that standard.
    will look forward to inflicting it on the Burton Lardies

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