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Lard in the Heart of England

EveshamOur good chum Adrian at Wyvern Wargamers has sent us the full SP for the Lardest Day being organised in Evesham, Worcestershire, on the 8th of June.
He tells us that “Wyvern Wargamers would like to invite you (yes YOU!) down to our upcoming event at Wyvern Wargamers (Evesham) on 8th June from 0900-1800 at the Bishampton Village Hall. They have got Richard Clarke of TooFatLardies coming for the day to be on hand, answer rules queries, run demos of Chain of Command and generally be “pushing the Lard”. Also the ultimate “Man of the Midlands” Neil Shuck of Meeples & Miniatures will be joining us.
We’ve got enough kit between us to be running AT LEAST one table each of games of IABSM3 (15mm WW2), IABNM (as yet unpublished Cold War rules), Sharpe Practice (28mm Napoleonic – maybe including our Zulu/French Indian variants too?), Mud & Blood (WW1 28mm), Terrible Sharp Sword (ACW 28mm), Tin Star (as yet unpublished Cowboy skirmish 28mm) & Dux Britanniarum (Dark Ages 28mm).
Rich’ll be demoing Chain of Command (WW2 Platoon+ 28mm) whioch due for release this summer; we’ll have two participation tables covering that.
We’ll be encouraging everyone to bring their own kit too where able. We are pre-arranging games if possible once numbers are ascertained. Our plan is to try and get in one game in the morning, switch opponents/periods and play a second game after lunch. So a Lard packed day of gaming fun.
When we’re all done, we’ll head back into town, see those who need to their accommodations and reconvene for beer and curry with the “Lord of the Lard” himself. We’re looking at just £5 per head so great value too! If you fancy attending then please contact Lard Entertainments Officer for the Midlands, Adrian, at and let him know.”
Interesting stuff, and three of us a re heading up from Lard Island for what is going to be a really great day of gaming in the heart of England. I hope we can see some of you joining us there.


3 thoughts on “Lard in the Heart of England”

  1. Adrian Deacon

    Hahaha! Well chosen publicity shot by Rich 🙂
    That bit of town is now dried out; thankfully NOWHERE near he venue…….
    What the hell. Bring yer trunks people, you never know!

  2. I’d love to come to this and try out Chain of Command, as they look a very good set of rules. A lot depends upon family stuff, but hoping to try and get a few friends interested so that we can share a lift.

  3. Adrian Deacon

    It’s just occurred to me that slightly out of shot to the right is the curry house were all eating at & 100 yards further along in the same direction is where Rich is staying! ????

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