A last request Gringo?

It’s been a busy time on Lard Island in the run up to Salute.  We’ll be running a number of participation games there during the day using Sharp Practice and our Terrible Sharp Sword supplement for the American Civil War.
Of course Salute also sees the release of Gringo 40s new range of US Mexican War figures and that weekend we’ll also have out supplement ready for that conflict entitled So Far from God.  I have already got armies for the period in 15mm but I have always thought that it would be really great for larger skirmish games and these look absolutely fantastic.  What impressed me about the pre-release figures that Ged sent me was the fact that they have pretty much the same footprint as 28mm figures, so space is not really an issue, but you do get a fantastic amount of detail on them and the ones I have painted up have been a real pleasure to do.  I think the following picture tells the story.
So Far from God contains background information for both the Mexicans and the Yanquis, so organising your force should be pretty simple.  I am starting out with a company of infantry per side with about forty or so men.  I intend to add to that as the range expands with some cavalry, a couple of artillery pieces per side and some “guest star” units, maybe a handful of San Patricios or Mexican Spy Company blokes.  That should add plenty of variety for scenarios.
Talking of scenarios the supplement contains half a dozen of them covering a broad range of situations, from street fighting in Monterrey in 1846 through to Churubusco the following year.  Whilst most are typical Sharp Practice skirmishes there are a couple where in introduce a man to figure ratio of about 1:10 which allows some larger games to be played.  The supplement also contains all the rule amendments needed to use Sharp Practice for this conflict as well as a playsheet which should be all that is needed to run a normal game.
So, that Gringo 40s for the figures, we can supply the rules and Battleflag.com have also got a suitable flags available, as seen in the photo, so we’re all set for heading down Mexico way.


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  1. Wow! – I’ve been watching the developemet of these figures through the MexAmWar Group – and thinking of ways to apply Lard to the war. This really ticks the boxes – now I just have to figure how to afford all the lovely lead.
    Great stuff!

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