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A Huge Thank You from Lard Island

What better way to start the New Year then with an award! The merry voters of The Miniatures Page have once again kindly shown their appreciation for Lard by voting I Ain’t Been Shot Mum the best Historical Rule Set for 2011. This is a really fantastic tribute and we are really very grateful to all who voted in the various rounds of the poll. What makes this especially great for us is that in the four years the TMP Awards have been running we have now managed three first places in the historical rules section – Sharp Practice winning in 2008, Charlie Don’t Surf in 2010 and now IABSM for 2011. We just got pipped at the post in 2009 with Mud & Blood coming in a very close second to Black Powder (and who can complain about such competition!), so four podium finishes in four years.
Thanks fo everyone at TMP who voted, and to Bill for running the competition. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for Dux Britanniarum in the 2012 poll! To celebrate this great result we have swung into action and have a really great “Thank You” present lined up, so watch this space early next week.


6 thoughts on “A Huge Thank You from Lard Island”

  1. I have been looking at I Ain’t Been Shot Mum for a long time – I haven’t pulled the trigger because I didn’t want yet another set of rules gathering dust on my shelf. The awards just reinforce all the good things I have heard about these rules. Now they’re on my short list.
    Congratulations Lardies!

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