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A 99p update

A bit more progress today on my lavish Christmas treat to myself. Firstly I added some green stuff. I wanted a strap to hold the spade in place as well as a strap for the kit bag. As always I mixed up too much so added a bedding roll on the rear nearside bumper (if you drive on the correct side of the road).
2013-12-17 10.26.282013-12-17 10.26.34The next step was simple. Spray with a cheap car undercoat spray. I use grey for desert vehicles, black for northern Europe. All of a sudden this ceases to be an old toy and starts to look like a scale model. I think…
2013-12-17 11.39.592013-12-17 11.40.07Next I gave it a base coat of Vallejo Dark sand before washing it with a reddish brown ink. I like this colour as I tend to add a fair bit of rust to my vehicles and this wash both emphasises detail and provides a match for that. I then dry brush that with a mix of Dark Sand and White and highlight the most prominent edges in an even lighter shade. Now that’s done I put the base coat on the crew – Iraqui Sand – and the other bits which I tend to just use any old colours for.
2013-12-17 18.34.492013-12-17 18.34.54Tomorrow I am going to put a second ink wash on these areas and then highlight up from that. After that it is rust and weathering. The we’re nearly done.
Well, tomorrow is here and I have had a bit of a whizz round with the brush. I finished the vehicle with about an hours work and then used a gloss varnish to protect it before applying a Windsor & Newton acrylic matt varnish with a brush. I am told that using a gloss and then a matt to protect is an old wives tale. Maybe so, but I have found that when I don’t follow this route I get many problems, so I follow it religiously. Here are a few snaps of the finished piece.
2013-12-18 14.36.132013-12-18 14.36.182013-12-18 14.36.232013-12-18 14.36.36Am I pleased with it? It’s not the bets paint job I have ever managed. I am struggling to paint with or without glasses, but its okay and certainly acceptable on the wargames table. The only transfer I used was actually a Battlefront 15mm rondel on the rear engine housing. I cut this down to fit around the stoware and applied it as usual with some Microsol to soften the decal. There really isn’t room to add more decals and frankly having a generic vehicle is no bad thing,
Ultimately when I think of what I received in the post on Monday and paid 99p for I am well satisfied with the result. Here’s a reminder of what I won.


2 thoughts on “A 99p update”

  1. That’s a bargain! Did you take a punt on the toy being about the right size for 28mm? It certainly looks about right without having to rouse the millimeter scrutineers with a soda fountain to the face.

  2. Ah just read the initial blog post! Scale rules, whatever next 😉 good to know, there are a lot of these on ebay right now, I wonder if they saw a market after your endorsement of this model.

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