piepintWelcome to the web store for TooFatLardies, the vibrant wargames development partnership that produces an ever growing range of rule sets for what we think are discerning wargamers. The emphasis with any of our rule sets is on replicating the real core issues for each of our periods. The emphasis is on what Clausewitz described as “friction” on the battlefield, along side the stresses and pressure of command.

The rules we produce reflect the periods that we ourselves game, and are consequently the product of our own enthusiasm. We hope that you will enjoy them too. Just click on the links at the top of the page to find what you are looking for in the wonderful world of Lard.

N.B.  Please note, this system is fully automated so that when you purchase a PDF file it is available INSTANTLY.  You do not need to wait for us to send the file manually, but will be directed to the download page once the purchase is made.

COVID19 and Post Christmas Post Update.  We are now in the process of clearing the postal backlog caused by the Christmas break and the annual Royal Mail Circus performance.  As of the 6th of January we are shipping, but we are running about a behind with orders.  Covid is clearly having some effect with a lack of international flights, so please expect orders to take a bit longer than usual.  Thanks for your patience in these troubled times.