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Sharp Practice Video Three: Movement & Firing

For those awaiting Part Three in the Sharp Practice video saga, you’ll be glad to know that while my voice is still croaky with this damned cold, Fatty was able to come into the studio and record Part Three for us.  Here, the Lord of the Pies is talking about the movement and firing mechanisms.  We tried to keep these sections very intuitive so that they merge into the background and don’t require any thought or reference to the rules during play. This allows the players to focus on the command decisions and not on the rules.  Watch the man they call “Lard Island’s Sir Larry” here.



1 thought on “Sharp Practice Video Three: Movement & Firing”

  1. Great stuff but suggest you need to have the website address included on the final ‘page’ as a link for anyone coming to the video via a link from a site or page other than this one?

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